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Play trivia, win money!

Join us every Thursday night at 9PM EST for your chance to win cash on Crowdpurr's weekly LIVE trivia game show Trivia Night.

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The best live trivia show on the Internet

Live every Thursday at 9PM EST. All you have to do is sign in, answer correctly as fast as you can, and take home free money!

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Fifteen Original Trivia Questions
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Answer Correctly Faster TO Earn Points
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Top Three Players Earn Instant Cash
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1st place $75

2nd place $50

3rd place $25



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Instant Cash Prizes

What's the best part? The money! Our top three players earn CASH paid out via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App the day after the show.

Hosted Live in Real-time

Crowdpurr's Trivia Manager Philip Trickey hosts Trivia Night every Thursday evening right on your device using Crowdpurr's real-time live streaming.

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Got what it takes to win?

Then give it a shot! Sign in now and we'll notify you before the game starts.

100% FREE
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New Trivia Every Week

Our team writes a brand new 100% original trivia game every week. The following week, we publish the game to our trivia library of over 1000+ games so you can use it on your crowd!

Don't stress... we'll notify you!

Sign in anytime before the game with your email or phone number and we'll send you a notification before it's time to play each week! Past players automatically get notified each week.

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Brought to you by Crowdpurr

Trivia Night is powered by Crowdpurr. Create amazing real-time interactive events using trivia, leaderboards, polls, and more. Trivia Night is our weekly live demonstration of Crowdpurr in action!

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Trivia Night FAQ

What exactly is Trivia Night?
Is Trivia Night free to play? What's the catch?
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I may forget to join the game on time. How can I be reminded to play?
How do I get paid if I win on Trivia Night?
Are there any official rules or limits on winnings?
How do I make my own live trivia show like Trivia Night?
Play trivia, win money!

Join us every week and take your shot to win.

100% FREE

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