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Create fun Twitter, Instagram, and private social walls for your live, virtual, and hybrid events. Great for parties, weddings, and corporate events!

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Crowdpurr social walls aggregate all tweets and Instagram posts using a given #hashtag. Or participants can post through Crowdpurr including uploading images.

The Crowdpurr Mobile View showing a Social Wall on the Projector View showing a post with a boy. And a mobile phone showing the post being made.
Public & Private SOcial WallsIntegrate Twitter and Instagram using #hashtags and @handles or create a private-social wall that allows posting only through Crowdpurr. Or all three together!
SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGES & LAYOUTSParticipant images are included from Twitter, Instagram, and Crowdpurr. Choose from many different layouts from mosaic to single-post spotlight mode.
Customization & BrandingUpload your organization's logo, set interface colors, and add backgrounds to create an "on brand" interactive experience.
FULL POST MODERATIONEnable post approval mode to review and edit all incoming posts from any source before they are published to your social wall.

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The Social Wall Dashboard

The web-based social wall dashboard puts you in complete control. Set up #hashtags, configure the look and feel, start your social wall, review incoming posts. You're in charge!

START, PAUSE, & STOPYou choose when to start, stop, pause, and reset your Social Wall. You have full crowd control.
FULL POST MODERATIONReview, and approve all incoming posts from Twitter, Instagram, and Crowdpurr. No time for that? Just enable our auto-profanity filter.
Configure SettingsAllow Twitter and Instagram integration using #hashtags and @handles. Or require your audience to post through Crowdpurr for a totally private social wall.
Export All PostsWhen your social wall is finished, review all the posts in the dashboard. Or export to Excel or Google Sheets for archiving.

Social Wall Presentation View

Launch a presentation view of your social wall. For live events, display it on an overhead projector or TV monitor. For virtual events, screen-share it in Zoom or Webex. Or stream it on YouTube Live, Twitch, or OBS.

JOIN USING #Hashtag, QR Code, or URLThe Presentation View displays instructions for posting through Twitter, Instagram, or by scanning a Crowdpurr QR code or entering a URL.
visual CUSTOMIZATIONUpload your custom logo and set custom interface colors and backgrounds for an "on-brand" social wall for your organization.
real-time ResponseAutomatic real-time updates show posts as they are received... no refreshing!
Multiple LayoutsChoose from different layouts such as mosaic-mode or highlight a single post in spotlight-mode.
Crowdpurr's Projector View displaying a social wall is shown on a projector, a computer monitor, and a laptop.

Social Wall Participant View

Participants simply tweet or post using your #hashtag. Or they can join using Crowdpurr on their mobile-device by scanning a QR code. No native app to download!

Post live In-Person or virtuallyHost a social wall live or virtually... it doesn't matter! Participants join from their phone onsite or virtually from wherever they are.
Cross Device, Mobile, & DesktopThe web-based Participant View works on all major mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.
Post Using Twitter & InstagramIf enabled, participants can simply post on Twitter and Instagram with your set #hashtag. Your social wall does the rest!
Visual CustomizationUpload your custom logo and set custom interface colors and backgrounds for an "on-brand" mobile experience for your organization.
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"McDonald's is lovin' Crowdpurr!"

We do monthly national training event webcasts with over 25,000 attendees. Our crowd loves the trivia game! It's so easy to use and their customer support is second to none.

A yellow McDonalds logo on a red circle background

Chuck K., Operations & Development

McDonalds Inc.


"Holy Crap!"

I just stumbled upon your app and watched the full walkthrough video. It has been a long time since I thought "holy crap" this app checks off every box on my wish list. Great stuff! New customer coming your way.

A faceless vector graphic of a woman

Elain T.




I have whiplash from how stable and fast Crowdpurr is - a huge problem with other services. The crowd loved it last night. Worked flawlessly. Looking forward to adding it to everyone of my shows from now on!

A black and white image of Brian West, author of the Crowdpurr review

Brian West, Owner


"Best presentation all year"

The trivia game went excellently. The audience feedback has been overwhelming. One senior agency-exec said it was the best upfront presentation she's seen this year.

A faceless vector graphic of a man

Scott R., Director of Accounts

dxagency nyc


"Never seen anything like it!"

Crowdpurr was a hit! Everyone loved the trivia game on Air Force history.  They were totally swept up in the live rankings leaderboard and had never seen anything like it before.

The blue United States Air Force logo.

Troy A., Event Coordinator

United States Air Force


"Thanks for doing what you do!"

I was asked to do a last minute Shark Week trivia theme. I just checked the Crowdpurr trivia library for help with content and you had just posted a brand new Shark Week game!

An image of trivia host Ryan Budds, author of the Crowdpurr review

Ryan Budds, Owner

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