New Lose Points When Incorrect Options - March 2022

March 29, 2022

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Last month we released the much-requested Points Wagering feature! For March 2022, we have several new features for you including Lose Points When Incorrect, Schedule End Time, and more to enhance your trivia experience with Crowdpurr!

New Feature: Lose Points When Incorrect ❌

Previously in Crowdpurr, when a player answered incorrectly, you could only set if you wanted players to lose one-fifth of the question's points or lose nothing.

To go with Points Wagering and Rankings Indicators, we expanded the options when players answer incorrectly. Now, you can choose any of the following:

  • None - Players lose no points for answering incorrectly.
  • Lose Partial Points - Players lose the standard one-fifth of the question's point value. This is the previous setting always used in Crowdpurr.
  • Lose Decreasing Points - Players lose exactly what the Decreasing Points Timer indicates, similar to what they earn if they answer correctly.
  • Lose Full Points - Players lose the full amount of the question's point value.

These new options for losing points make the Rankings Indicators even more fun to watch on the Rankings Leaderboard.

If using Points Wagering on a question, the above Lose Points When Incorrect setting will be ignored. Players always lose their full wager if answering incorrectly on a Points Wager question.

New Feature: Schedule End Time ⏰

In Crowdpurr you've always been able to schedule the start time for any experience. We expanded on this "set it and forget it" mentality and added Schedule End Time! You can now set how long you would like your experiences to run once started.

Crowdpurr's new Schedule End Time feature is shown from the Experience Dashboard.
The new Schedule End Time feature on the Experience Dashboard

When the time expires, your experience will automatically finish. It will even advance to the Next Round if you have one set. You can now set multiple chained experiences to start and finish automatically, running in a sequence! Learn more in our Help Center article Schedule End Time Explained.

We had many user requests for this feature. As always, we add the features you want so do visit the Crowdpurr Community Forum to let us know what you want to see added to Crowdpurr next!

Crowd Controlled Mode Improvements 📱

While adding Points Wagering into each of the Crowdpurr playback modes (Host Controlled Mode, Fully Automatic Mode, and Crowd Controlled Mode), we added some much needed improvements to Crowd Controlled Mode.

Previously both Question Timers and Decreasing Points Timer were unavailable in Crowd Controlled Mode. Not anymore! Both of these essential game settings can now be enabled in Crowd Controlled Mode making those types of trivia games much more exciting and fun!

Crowdpurr's Mobile View shows question tabs displayed in Crowd Controlled Mode.
You can now disable or enable tabs in Crowd Controlled Mode.

During the Points Wagering Beta we removed the question tabs from the Participant View in Crowd Controlled Mode 🤦♂️. We thought it might be better if it played more like Host Controlled Mode and Fully Automatic Mode. 🤷♂️

We heard loud and clear from many users that they love the ability to have players answer in any order when using Crowd Controlled Mode so we're happy to report that the question tabs are back! 🙌

Even better, you can now enable or disable them under the Settings → Interface Settings panel. You can choose to run a Crowd Controlled Mode experience in a sequential format, every question in order, similar to Host Controlled Mode and Fully Automatic Mode. Or enable the tabs to allow players to answer any question, in any order they choose, similar to how Crowd Controlled Mode has always run!

Additional Improvements

In addition to the above major improvements and features we also added these smaller improvements.

Trivia Library Search 🔍

We improved the Trivia (and Bingo) Library by supporting quotes in searches. Now, if you search for "Home Alone" in quotes, results for Home and Alone will no longer be returned. We also improved the search results and added additional optimizations. And yes, we're working on adding questions to the library search. Along with some other cool enhancements.

Participant View Refinements ✨

While working in the Participant View on Points Wagering and Crowd Controlled Mode, we improved some fine details on the layout, button sizes, the points timer, and more.

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates 🐞

Crowdpurr Community logo
Official Version Updates

We're always updating the app and fixing bugs. Want to read up on all the latest bug fixes and tweaks we make to the app each week? Then cruise on over to Crowdpurr Community and bookmark our Official Version Updates thread to get updates whenever we update a new version of the app.

What's Next?

Next month we have a major new feature in store that will truly change the way your crowd looks as answer options! Stay tuned.

As always, if you want to be the first to know about news, beta tests, and get all the latest updates follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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