Winner Reveal Animations & Effects - March 2023

April 5, 2023

After many requests from our amazing community, we’re happy to announce that Winner Reveal Animations are live! Turn up the fun on your events with awesome, suspenseful reveals of the top ranking players of your trivia games. Complete with new fun effects and animations. We’ve also added additional bug fixes and enhancements this month. Let’s jump into it!

Winner Reveal Animations 🏆

So you’ve completed all your trivia questions and your players are on pins and needles waiting to find out who won. Wouldn’t it be fun if you could launch an exciting, suspenseful top-three winner reveal celebration at the end of your trivia games? Now you can! 

With Winner Reveal Animations enabled, your top three scoring players will have their names lit up in lights. Our new reveals reward the top three players with their respective bronze, silver, and gold trophies! With a generous helping of confetti and fun to boot! It’s an exciting way to end your trivia games and handsomely reward your most trivia-savvy players. Following the reveals, the final rankings of the game are then shown.

Crowdpurr's Participant View shows the new Winner Reveal Animations feature.
New Winner Reveal Animations on the Participant View!

Winner Reveal Animations work great in all scoring modes including Points Mode, Percentage Correct Mode, Survivor Mode, and Team Modes. They can even be used in passive “always on” playback modes like Fully Automatic and Crowd Controlled Mode. Reveal animations show on both the Participant View and the Presentation View.

Crowdpurr's Presentation View shows the new Winner Reveal Animations feature.
New Winner Reveal Animations on the Presentation View!

To trigger Winner Reveal Animations, simply “Finish” your trivia or bingo game on the Experience Dashboard (by pressing the Stop button under Playback Control). You’ll also notice that if you trigger Show Rankings Leaderboard (R) on the final question, the Experience Dashboard will now ask if you would rather finish the trivia game versus only showing rankings. 

A yellow prompt on Crowdpurr's Experience Dashboard asks if the player would rather "Finish the trivia game?" or just "Show Rankings Leaderboard?"
A new prompt when enabling Show Rankings Leaderboard (R) when on the final question.

Winner Reveal Animations are enabled by default on all newly created trivia and bingo games. You can also enable or disable them under the Experience Dashboard’s Settings → Playback & Timing → Experience Playback Mode → Winner Reveal Animation setting.

To learn more check out the Help Center article Winner Reveal Animations.

Fun Action Effects 🎉

Winner reveal animations wouldn’t be complete without some fun new effects to sweeten up the experience, right? We’ve added awesome new particle-based effects all throughout the app. Including the following scenarios:

  • A burst of stars when players answer trivia questions correctly
  • A colorful burst of confetti when players earn a bingo
  • Confetti and stars for each of the top three players during winner reveal animations
Crowdpurr's Participant View shows a burst of confetti, displaying the new action effects, when a player earns a bingo.
Stunning new effects like a burst of colorful stars when players earn a bingo!

We think these new effects up the production value of Crowdpurr experiences and will enhance your experiences in a fun and exciting way. Keep an eye out for more effects in the future!

BONUS - You can throw confetti anytime you want by pressing the new Throw Confetti keyboard shortcut, the Y key, from the Experience Dashboard. Give it a shot!

If confetti and other effects aren't appropriate for your experience, no problem! You can enable or disable these effects easily under the Experience Dashboard’s Settings → Interface → Show Action Effects setting.

To learn more, check out the Help Center article Action Effects.

Additional Updates & Bug Fixes 🐞

Crowdpurr Community logo
Official Version Updates

We added several more improvements and bug fixes to the Experience Dashboard, Presentation View, and Participant Views. Check out all the details on the official Crowdpurr Community forum.

Head over to our thread on Official Version Updates to get all the specifics on every new version of the app we publish.

What's Next?

For our loyal, dedicated blog readers, we usually announce next month's feature here as a "thank you" for reading the entire post. But next month's feature is so top-secret we can't announce it just yet.

However, we do have the much-anticipated new feature Crowdpurr for Teams coming very soon. Crowdpurr for Teams is our enterprise permissions feature that allows you to invite users to a team and share your Crowdpurr account and experiences in a very flexible and powerful way. Also look for some new utility features like two-factor authentication, Google Pay, and Google Login.

As always, if you want to be the first to know about news, beta tests, and get all the latest updates follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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