Points Wagering - February 2022

February 25, 2022

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This month's update brings you our most requested feature according to this post on the Crowdpurr community forums. That's right, Points Wagering is here! 🥳

In addition to that, we're also announcing a fun new feature that goes right along with points wagering... Rankings Change Indicators! Let everyone see how many points were lost or won in points wager questions!

New Feature: Points Wagering 💰

A mobile phone shows Crowdpurr's new Points Wagering interface.
New Points Wagering on the Participant View displaying the question hint!

You can't wager real money in Crowdpurr, (yet 🤫) but now you can do the next best thing... wagering points! Our new Points Wagering feature lets your players put it ALL on the line in order to place higher on the rankings leaderboard.

Now, you can enable Points Wagering on any of your trivia game's questions under the Edit Question panel. When a question has Points Wagering enabled, it will display a new interface before revealing the question allowing players to input how many of their points they want to wager.

If a player answers correctly, they win big! If incorrect, they lose their entire wager. Points wagering can be enabled on any of your questions. It's also available in every plan including our free Basic Plan!

Thanks to our amazing beta testers 🙌 we also added in a few extras in the final release including Question Hints that reveal a hint for your players to help with their wager. And we added Points Wager Time. So as the host, you can set the amount of time players have to decide on their wager!

Learn more in our Help Center article Points Wagering Explained.

New Feature: Rankings Indicators ⬆️

To make the new Points Wagering feature more fun, we've added all new Rankings Indicators on the rankings leaderboards in Crowdpurr. Our first version of this new feature displays how many points each player won or lost on the previous question, directly on the Rankings Leaderboard!

Each player or team on the Rankings Leaderboard now has an arrow icon and the amount of points won or lost. We think this is a fun way to see which players earned or lost the most after each question!

Crowdpurr's Projector View displays the Rankings Leaderboard that now include points change indicators that display the change in points after each question.
The Presentation View, Participant View, and Experience Dashboard now display optional Rankings Indicators that display the change in points after each question!

Rankings Indicators work on individual trivia games, basic team mode, and advanced team mode! They can also be disabled under the Settings → Interface Settings panel on the Experience Dashboard. For this first version, the Ranking Indicators only display points. In the future, we plan to add configurable options for "change in rankings" and "change in percentage." Let us know what you think!

Additional Improvements

In addition to the above major improvements and features we also added these smaller improvements.

New Sound Effects 💥

We added new sound effects for when participants sign into experiences. when placing a points wager, and when hosts activate a question when Automatically Start Question is disabled.

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates 🐞

Crowdpurr Community logo
Official Version Updates

We're always updating the app and fixing bugs. Want to read up on all the latest bug fixes and tweaks we make to the app each week? Then cruise on over to Crowdpurr Community and bookmark our Official Version Updates thread to get updates whenever we update a new version of the app.

What's Next?

Next month we have some additional features that will enhance points wagering even more including some new options for Lose Points When Incorrect!

As always, if you want to be the first to know about news, beta tests, and get all the latest updates follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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