Drag & Drop Order Questions - January 2023

February 15, 2023

We're back with our first new major feature of 2023! We're excited to launch the Drag & Drop Order question type. We know you'll have a blast playing with this new question type and can't wait for you to try it on your crowds! In addition to a new question type, we also added some awesome new visual updates and bug fixes this month as well. Let's get into it!

Drag & Drop Order Questions 🔀

We haven't added a new question type in years, so we're very excited to announce that the Drag & Drop Order question type is now available in Crowdpurr! Now you can now ask trivia questions like these:

  • Put these Taylor Swift albums in chronological order from earliest to latest.
  • Arrange these U.S. presidents in order from first to last.
  • Order these NFL players according to most Superbowl championships won, lowest first.

Simply add or edit a question and set the question type to Drag & Drop Order. Now, the order of the answer options defines the correct answer! Simply add the answer options and put them in the correct order.

The Experience Dashboard shows a Drag & Drop Order question
The Experience Dashboard shows a Drag & Drop Order question

When you activate the question, your participants will see a scrambled version of the answer options on the Presentation and Participant View. Participants simply drag and drop the answer options in the correct order to answer correctly! They can rearrange answers as much as they want. Then click Submit Answer to cast their vote.

Dragging answer options into the correct order on the Participant View.
Dragging answer options into the correct order on the Participant View.

Showing Live Answer Results

When enabling Show Live Answer Results (A), Crowdpurr will animate and display the Top Voted Order of answers on both the Presentation View and Participant View indicating the order most sent by participants.

The Participant View displays the "Top Voted Order."
The Participant View displays the Top Voted Order.

Showing Correct Answers

Upon enabling Show Correct Answers (C), Crowdpurr will animate and display the Correct answer order on both the Presentation View and Participant View indicating the actual correct answer order for participants.

The Participant View displays the "Correct Order."
The Participant View displays the Correct Order.

Additional Features

Drag & Drop Order questions are fully integrated into Crowdpurr. They can be both exported and imported using Crowdpurr's Question Import/Export to CSV feature. They are supported in the Crowd Activity tab including exporting Crowd Activity to CSV. They are also included in Experience Dashboard's Summary tab, on the Presentation View, and on the Participant View's Results Summary pages.

Additionally, they are supported for Polls too, easily showing the host what the most voted order is. This is great for allowing participants to "rank" the order of priority for a set of answer options.

New Trivia Library Game

Be sure to check out our new Trivia Library game called What's the Correct Order? that is entirely Drag & Drop Order questions. Give it a try on your crowd today! It's our trivia Game of the Month. We'll also be adding Drag & Drop Order questions to all of our new library trivia games and retrofitting existing trivia library games.

To learn even more, check out the Help Center article Working with Drag & Drop Order Questions.

Answer Stats Bar #️⃣

We've added a new Answer Stats Bar to the Experience Dashboard, Presentation View, and Participant View. The Answer Stats Bar indicates how many answers were cast on each question (when enabling Show Live Answer Results (A)) and also the percent answered correct (when enabling Show Correct Answer (C)). These quickly inform the host and participant of these important stats.

The Answer Stats Bar has been added to the Experience Dashboard (on the Questions and Summary tabs), on the Presentation View (replaces the Question Timer when enabling views), and on the Participant View (below the questions when enabling views).

The Presentation View and Participant View now display an "Answer Stats Bar" with additional stats!
The Presentation View and Participant View now display an Answer Stats Bar with additional stats!

Visual Design Updates ✨

The Participant View displaying an updated design for the final rankings view.
The Participant View displaying an updated design for the final rankings view.

If you look closely, you'll notice quite a few visual design improvements around the app. This update is the start of many planned visual design updates that we'll be releasing incrementally over this year. This update includes the following:

  • The Projector View has been renamed to the Presentation View to better clarify its purpose.
  • The Mobile View has been renamed to the Participant View to better clarify its purpose.
  • Updated the design of the Experience Dashboard's various sections and tabs.
  • The Presentation View and Participant View's Question Timer has been updated to a more inline design saving precious real-estate in both views.
  • The Participant View's Final Rankings design has been updated with a clapping hands icon and refreshed design. Be sure to "Finish" your trivia games to enable this new view.
  • New animated icons have been sprinkled about in the app to add a fun, playful element.

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates 🐞

We don't normally call out specific bugs in this section but there are two that we squashed in January that have troubled users for some time.

Questions Tab Loading Forever

If the Presentation View was open in addition to the Experience Dashboard, then the various question functions including importing questions from a CSV, shuffling questions, and adding questions from the Trivia Library, all caused the Experience Dashboard's Questions tab to load forever. We're happy to report this has now been solved!

Missing Correct Answers on Participant View

Intermittently, some participants, even when answering correctly, would not get credit on their device for answering correctly, despite the Experience Dashboard correctly awarding them for a correct answer. Nor would the correct answer be displayed on their device, much to participant confusion.

After much research, we discovered the issue was due to players not being directly connected to the trivia game, due to being on a different browser tab, a different app, or even viewing a notification on their device, when Show Correct Answers (C) was enabled by the host. Upon returning to the game, the app was correctly updating that the Show Correct Answers (C) view was enabled, but was not updating their device with the actual correct answers due to a security change we made some months ago. This is why the actual game still gave them appropriate credit/points for a correct answer. However their device, without the correct answers delivered, had no way to know if they answered correct and thus defaulted to incorrect.

This also explains why only a few players would experience this issue. Due to it only occuring for those who temporarily navigate away from the game right when a host triggers a Show Correct Answers (C). We now correctly update devices with the set of correct answers upon returning to the trivia game thus solving the issue!

Crowdpurr Community logo
Official Version Updates

Want even more details on the bugs and changes in this month's update? Head over to our Crowdpurr Community thread on Official Version Updates to get all the details on every new version we publish.

What's Next?

Next month, we have a more new features including Winner Reveal Animations! Where at the end of a trivia game, you can reveal a suspenseful and fun animation of the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners!

Additionally, we'll be adding confetti and star Animation Effects when a player answers correctly, wins a lottery, when a game finishes, and more! We're super-excited about these long-awaited features and can't wait to get them out there.

Lastly, in March, we will be launching Crowdpurr for Teams. Our enterprise permissions feature that allows you to invite users to a team and share your Crowdpurr account and experiences in a very flexible and powerful way. Also look for some new utility features like two-factor authentication, Google Pay, and Google Login.

As always, if you want to be the first to know about news, beta tests, and get all the latest updates follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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