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Crowdpurr lets you create customizable Live Crowd Trivia... for Free! Your crowd uses their mobile-devices to play and see live rankings!

Watch our 90-second video to learn more.

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Watch Our 90-Second Video To Learn More

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Live Crowd Trivia

Test your audience's knowledge! Create an HQ-style or Points-based Trivia Game that will have every member of your crowd participating. The Projector View shows live player rankings to let everyone who's in the lead! Reward your audience with prizes and incentives for a high score!

Questions? Check out the Trivia FAQ.

Popular Crowd Favorites

Create an HQ "Last Man Standing" Trivia Game where players answer correctly to survive. Or reward your crowd points for answering faster and see who's best on the leaderboard.

Image & GIF Questions

Upload images and GIFs for your questions so you can ask trivia questions like, "Who is this famous person?" or "From what movie is this famous scene?"

Live Player Rankings

Your crowd interactively sees who the best players are in the crowd.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.   Here's how it works.


Set Up Your Trivia Game

1. Trivia Dashboard


Display It To Your Crowd

2. Trivia Projector View


Your Crowd Plays!

3. Trivia Mobile View

1. The Trivia Dashboard

The web-based cross-device Trivia Game Dashboard puts you in complete control of your Crowd Trivia Game. Stop, start, set up questions and answers. You're in charge!

  • Start, Pause, & Stop

    You choose when to start, stop, pause, and reset your Crowd Trivia Game. You have full crowd control.

  • Questions & Answers

    Define what questions you'll ask your crowd and what answers they can choose from. Multiple-choice, image/video-based questions, text-answer... all are available.

  • Fully Automatic Mode

    You can drive your game question-by-question or use our "hands-free" Fully Automatic Mode that entirely drives and loops your game for you.

  • Advanced Customization

    Add images, custom branding logos for your organization, and other customizations to your game.

2. The Trivia Projector View

When you're ready to show your Trivia Game to your crowd, simply pop open the web-based Live Trivia Display. It's reactive and can be stretched and full-screened to fit multiple display devices - from tablets, to HD monitors, all the way to 4K event projectors. Simply drag the Live Trivia Display window to your display device.

  • Customizable Change the background, answer colors, chart style, and many other features.
  • Experience Code Every Crowd Triva Game has a unique five-digit code that lets your audience answer with their mobile device.
  • Real-Time Response The Live Trivia Display window automatically updates after every answer. No refreshing!
  • Live Player Rankings As your crowd answers, their rankings are displayed in real-time showing who's the best.

3. The Trivia Mobile View

Your audience simply enters your Trivia Game's five-digit code into the Crowdpurr mobile website (e.g. mobile Safari, Chrome, etc.) or using the Crowdpurr native app (iOS and Android - coming soon). Once you start your Crowd Trivia Game, your crowd can join in and play!

  • Easy To Access Your audience can answer questions easily in one-click with no sign-in required. Or you can require a sign-in with various fields for crowd lead-capture.
  • Cross-Device Our reactive mobile web-client works on all major mobile smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers.
  • Simple To Use & Multi-Language The mobile web-client shows the user how to answer questions in their native langauge.
  • Instant Results Your crowd instantly sees their answers, results, and rankings.

Our Help Center and FAQ are loaded with content to get you started quickly.

Additional Experiences

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Pricing Plans

All plans have access to Crowdpurr's comprehensive Help Center that is loaded with tutorials, quick-start videos, and helpful articles to learn the platform quickly.

Questions? Check out the Crowdpurr FAQ.

  • Basic Plan

    Getting Started on Smaller Crowds

    FREE Always
    • 15 Participants Per Experience
    • 3 Question Limit
    • 3 Experiences
    • Access To Basic Experience Types
    • Standard Feature Set Including Experience Dashboard, Projector View, & Mobile-Client
    • Crowdpurr Logo & Ads

    Learn More

  • Classroom Plan

    Advanced Features for Medium Crowds

    $ 49.99 USD - Monthly
    • 100 Participants Per Experience
    • 100 Questions Per Experience
    • 10 Experiences
    • Upload Custom Branding Logos
    • Create Image/GIF-Based Questions
    • Fully Automatic Looping Playback Mode
    • Export Results, Audience Votes, & Participation Data To Excel
    • Free Customer Support Via Email & Phone

    Learn More

  • Seminar Plan

    Advanced Customization for Larger Crowds

    $ 149.99 USD - Monthly
    • 500 Participants Per Experience
    • 25 Experiences
    • Set Custom Crowd Access Codes For Experiences
    • Powerful Crowd Lead Capture Tools - Collect & Export Names, Emails, Phone Numbers, & More From Your Crowd!
    • Multi-Language Support For Your Crowd
    • All Features of the Classroom Plan

    Learn More

  • Conference Plan

    White-Label Branding for Huge Crowds

    $ 249.99 USD - Monthly
    • 1000 Participants Per Experience
    • 50 Experiences
    • Fully Branded Experiences with Custom Background Uploading
    • Set Branded Custom Domains & URLs For Your Experiences
    • Complete White-Label Interactive Event Solution
    • All Features of the Seminar Plan

    Learn More

  • Convention Plan

    High-End Advertising Features for Massive Crowds

    $ 499.99 USD - Monthly
    • 5000 Participants Per Experience
    • 100 Experiences
    • Upload Custom Ads & Sponsor Logos - Monetize Ad Space
    • Dedicated Servers Provisioned For Your Experiences
    • All Features of the Conference Plan

    Learn More

  • Crowdpurr Custom

    Additional Participant Capacity, Premium Service

    Contact Us To Discuss Your Requirements
    • Dedicated Account Manager & Use-Case Consultation
    • Additional A La Carte High-Capacity Participant Pricing
    • Available On-Site Tech Support for Training, Setup, & Execution
    • Custom Client-Specific Functionality

    Learn More

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Questions? Check out the Crowdpurr FAQ.

Basic Plan
Classroom Plan
Seminar Plan
Conference Plan
Convention Plan
Crowdpurr Custom
Participants Per Experience
Simultaneous Experiences
Questions Per Experience
Crowdpurr Logo & Ads
Access to Help Center Featuring Tutorials, Videos, & Helpful Articles
Free Customer Support via Email & Phone
Upload Custom Branding Logo
Create Image/GIF-Based Questions
Export Results & Participation Data to Excel
Set Custom Crowd Access Code
Crowd Lead Capture Tools - Collect & Emails, Name, Address
Fully Branded Experiences with Custom Background Uploading
Custom Domain & URL (Or Use Your Existing)
Complete White-Label Solution
Create Custom High-End Advertising Pop-Ups, Spots, & Sponsor-Logos
Dedicated Servers Provisioned For Experiences
Dedicated Account Manager & Use-Case Consultation
Additional A La Carte High-Capacity Participant Pricing
Available On-Site Tech Support for Training, Setup, & Execution
Custom Client-Specific Functionality
Monthly Subscription Cost
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