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January 18, 2024

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In today's fast-paced and often virtual work environment, fostering a sense of unity within a team can be challenging. Teambuilding is a critical aspect of creating a productive, cohesive, and enjoyable workplace. A better team lifts all boats! One unconventional way to enhance teambuilding is through team trivia games in the workplace. This blog post explores the importance of teambuilding, the benefits of using team-based trivia, and how Crowdpurr is designed to make it all happen.

The Importance of Teambuilding

Teambuilding is more than just a corporate buzzword; it's the backbone of a successful and harmonious work environment. Effective teambuilding activities can lead to improved communication, better problem-solving skills, increased morale, and higher productivity. When team members feel connected and valued, they are more likely to contribute their best work and support one another, resulting in a positive and dynamic workplace culture.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. - Aristotle

Why Team Trivia for Teambuilding?

A group of hands all reach for a shiny silver trophy.
Working together toward a common goal is a great way to increase teambuilding.

Trivia actually works great for teambuilding in a variety of ways.

Camaraderie Through Competition

Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? Players can identify and group up with other members of their team such as the “HR” team, the “Marketing” team, or the “West Coast Office” team. Players will enjoy the friendly atmosphere created by having the various teams of their organization compete with one another.

Employee Inclusivity

Trivia can also be a highly inclusive activity that encourages participation from all team members, regardless of their role or level in the organization. Trivia games are fun, versatile, and can be tailored to suit the interests and knowledge bases of diverse groups.

Support In-Person and Remote Workers

An interactive trivia platform like Crowdpurr supports in-person, remote, and hybrid participants! It’s perfect for today’s hybrid work models that bring together workers from the office and the home. Players can join on their mobile device or their desktop/laptop computer. They can follow along live in-person or virtually through a Zoom meeting.

An image shows four different at-home workers, each in their own square of the image, enjoying a trivia game on their laptop.
Remote at-home employees can join in on the fun too… perhaps even compete as their own team.

Value-Added Benefits like Educating the Team

A mobile phone shows a trivia question with an image of a baby and is asking "Which VP is this as a baby?"
Have some fun with tailoring the questions to your organization!

Not only does playing team trivia increase teambuilding and identity within your organization, it’s a great way to thread your company’s content, mission, and values into a fun morale-boosting activity. Throw in some questions about your company’s latest initiative or products. Or what missions or community services your organization is involved in. Use trivia as a way to educate your team!

Why Crowdpurr for Team Trivia?

Crowdpurr specializes in offering an interactive, fun trivia platform for your employees and co-workers. Crowpurr specifically features team-based trivia as a core feature enabling team trivia at the workplace and beyond. It’s easy-to-use and accessible for both organizers and participants.

Free & Easy

Get up and running with Crowdpurr in just a few clicks, no purchase necessary. Crowdpurr’s free-forever plan allows you to create up to three trivia games each with up to twenty participants. It’s the perfect way to try before you buy! Run an entire team trivia game on your audience all for free. Your participants simply scan a QR code or click on a link you send out to join the game. No app download needed to join and play!


Crowdpurr allows you to customize your trivia game to fit your team’s interests and needs. You can create your own questions or choose from a wide variety of pre-made trivia games from our 100% original trivia library.  Add fun images, GIFS, and YouTube videos. This flexibility ensures that your teambuilding activity is both relevant and engaging.

A man working in an office at a computer raises his hands in victory along with his coworkers behind him.
The thrill of answering a “Real Housewives” trivia question correctly!

Real-Time Excitement

Crowdpurr supports real-time responses and displays a live rankings leaderboard that updates after every question. Thus adding an exciting competitive element to the experience. This feature enhances engagement and interaction among team members, making the trivia experience more dynamic and enjoyable.

How Does Crowdpurr Support Team Trivia?

Crowdpurr offers a few different formats and features for team trivia games.

Basic Team Mode

Crowdpurr’s Basic Team Mode is when you have a group of players on a team all sharing a single device to play. Players can “put their heads together” to come up with the correct answer, and a single team leader casts the vote on behalf of the team. Basic Team Mode is good for banquet-style events where players are seated together and then elect a lone team leader. When the leader joins the game on their device, they enter a name for their team. Then the various teams compete and are ranked on the live rankings leaderboard.

A team of coworkers at an office laugh and look into a laptop computer on a desk.
In Basic Team Mode players elect a team leader who answers on behalf of the team.

Advanced Team Mode

Advanced Team Mode is when every player wants to get in on the action. In this mode, every player joins on their own device and selects the team they want to join when signing in. The host must add the various teams prior to the event so each player may choose a team. Then every player answers every question. This allows the host to show both the individual player rankings and team rankings. Crowdpurr takes care of intelligently averaging out each team’s performance based on the individual player performance of each team member The teams are then ranked and displayed.

A group of coworkers sit on a couch in the office each with their own laptop computer.
In Advanced Team Mode players choose a team and play individually with Crowdpurr computing the team performance.

Want to learn more about Crowdpurr's various team trivia formats and features? Check out our Help Center article Team Trivia Explained.

Sit Back and Watch The Fun

Once you’ve set up your trivia game, practiced a few times, and sent out the invites, it’s now time to watch the magic happen. Your participants will delight in the fun and excitement of being challenged on the various topics and questions you add to the game.

And The Winner Is…

Your players are sure to have a blast moving up and down the leaderboard following each trivia question. You can even throw in a points wager question at the end to allow teams to risk their points and go for the big win. When the game is over, Crowdpurr’s live rankings leaderboard will automatically announce the top three teams finishing on the first place team.

You might be surprised how serious earning the W is for your teams!
A rack of gift cards to various restaurants is shown.
Gift cards and company swag make for great incentives and prizes.

Incentivize with Prizes

Sure, bragging rights are always a worthy effort, but try leveling up your trivia game experience by throwing in some fun (perhaps valuable) prizes for your top ranking teams! Adding incentives both increases participation (be sure to mention them in your invite) and notches up the camaraderie as teams work together to answer correctly and earn those fabulous prizes.

Export the Results

When dust has settled, rest assured Crowdpurr keeps a complete record of your trivia game for your review. You can even export all your game’s data including all participants, rankings, and all votes to CSV for later analysis in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. This data can be valuable for planning future teambuilding activities.


A glittering glowing gold trophy is grabbed in the air by a hand.
The biggest winner of all may be you for introducing Crowdpurr’s team trivia to your organization.

Teambuilding is a crucial element of creating a cohesive and effective work environment. Team trivia, as facilitated by platforms like Crowdpurr, offers a unique and engaging way to strengthen team bonds, improve communication, and inject fun into the workplace.

By choosing Crowdpurr for your next teambuilding activity, you can ensure a memorable, inclusive, and enjoyable experience for your team, which in turn contributes to a stronger, more collaborative work culture. Get started right now by creating an account and building your first trivia game... all for free.

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