New Trivia Library - October 2022

October 31, 2022

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Crowdpurr's 100% original weekly trivia library officially hit 1000 trivia games last month! Launched in March of 2020 as the pandemic set in, we've slowly added new trivia games week after week. Our team takes pride in brainstorming new topics, researching every question, and adding fun elements like GIFs and images. All to make it easier for you to get up and going quickly with an original trivia game.

This month, in celebration of our 1000th trivia library game, we've updated the trivia library with a suite of brand new features. Plus several more cool features like Printable Question Summaries and Question Links. Let's jump into it!

New Feature: New Trivia Library 📚

We've overhauled both the design and features of the trivia library including these great new updates.

New Question Search

We've expanded the trivia library's search functionality to include questions! Now upon entering a search, we'll return matches for both trivia games and questions. Easily switch tabs between trivia game results and question results with a click. Then selectively add the trivia questions you want one-by-one!

Crowdpurr's trivia library shows a search for "Harry Potter" with six questions returned as a result.
Searching for "Harry Potter" using the new question search feature.

Want to search the trivia library for all questions on Harry Potter, no problem. The new question search spans our entire library returning you every question mentioning your search.

New Game Pages

Each trivia or bingo game now has its own page! You can review who wrote it, when it was created, how popular it is, and of course check out all the game's questions and answers!

Crowdpurr's trivia library shows the game detail page for the "Home Alone" trivia game.
Trivia and bingo games now have their own game pages in the library with stats.

Instant "Play Now" QR Code

A black QR code is shown with the label "Play Now" underneath.
Any trivia library can be played instantly!

Want to quickly try out a trivia game before you choose it? No problem. Just scan its Play Now QR code with your phone or click the link. You'll jump right into a fully playable version of the trivia game! You can even compete against other Crowdpurr users on the leaderboard that have played the library game previously.

View Question Answer Options

For the first time you can now drill down and review a multiple-choice question's answers including the correct-answer. Or review the various correct-answer options for a text-answer question. This makes assembling a trivia game from the library a snap when you can review the answer options as well.

A trivia question has a dropdown that displays the question's multiple choice answer options.
The trivia library now displays all questions' answer options.

New Writer Pages

We're also celebrating our amazing trivia team by giving our staff writers their own pages in the library! You can review a given writer's most popular games, check out their ranking compared to other writers, and see how many times their games have been cloned.

The Crowdpurr trivia library displays the writer page for Virginia W. displaying all of her published trivia games.
A writer page displays top-writer Virgina W.'s published trivia games.

New Trending Packs & Game of the Month

The Crowdpurr trivia library "Trending Pack" and "Game of the Month" icons and links are shown.
Trending Pack and Game of the Month sections

To make it super-easy to find trending trivia and bingo games, we've added new Tending Packs and Game of the Month sections. In this section, you'll find a curated set from all of Crowdpurr's trivia and bingo games just in time for the upcoming holiday or trending event. All in one easy location.

We also have our Game of the Month which will feature our trivia manager's favorite game and also include contest winners of future user-submitted trivia games.

Simplified Design

We've simplified the trivia library's visual design making it easier to see a list of your selected questions and how many questions you've added. We also updated the design for smaller width resolutions when using the trivia library within our Webex (and upcoming Zoom) integrations.

For more details, check out our Help Center article Creating Trivia Games with the Trivia Library.

New Feature: Print Question Summary 🖨️

We're announcing another much requested feature, a print-friendly Question Summary tab. Now on the Experience Dashboard's Summary tab, you can click the Print View button that will open a print-friendly view of all your trivia game's questions. Click the Print button to easily save a PDF or print all your questions without any other website elements interfering.

Crowdpurr's Experience Dashboard's Summary tab in the new Print View mode.
The Experience Dashboard's Summary tab now has a print-friendly view.

This makes it easy to create a printable reference to give to a live host, a staff member, etc. to follow along with the questions of your trivia game.

For more details on printing the Question Summary, check out this Help Center article Adding, Editing, Moving, & Removing Questions.

New Feature: Question Links 🔗

Question Links let you add a clickable hyperlink on the Participant View directly below a question. Your participants can then click on it to open any website or link, like a video. This is useful for slower-paced experiences where participants are encouraged or required to visit an external website to watch a video, review content, etc. and then return to Crowdpurr to answer the question.

Crowdpurr's Question Link inputs from the Experience Dashboard are shown with a Question Link added on the Mobile View to the right.
Question links are added on the Experience Dashboard and display on the Participant View.

Question Links allow adding of both a URL and a Link Text. The new feature is found on the Experience Dashboard question tab, below the Question Media and Question Notes.

For more details on how to use Question Links, check out this Help Center article Question Links Explained.

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates 🐞

Crowdpurr Community logo
Official Version Updates

We're always updating the app and fixing bugs. Want to read up on all the latest bug fixes and tweaks we make to the app each week? Then head over to our Crowdpurr Community thread on Official Version Updates to get all the details on every new version we publish.

What's Next?

Santa may have a few more gifts for the Crowdpurr user base before the end of the year. The Crowdpurr elves are still busy at work on the much-requested Crowdpurr for Teams feature. Crowdpurr for Teams is our multi-user implementation that that will allow users to invite other users to join their team, share and run their experiences, while maintaining security and privilege configured by the team leader.

Also look for some new utility features like two-factor authentication, Google Pay, and Google Login.

As always, if you want to be the first to know about news, beta tests, and get all the latest updates follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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