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June 7, 2021

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Crowdpurr is thrilled to announce our all-new interactive experience type... BINGO! Adding to our beloved Live Trivia, Live Polls, and Social Wall experience types, Crowdpurr BINGO adds a new dimension of fun for your live, virtual, and hybrid interactive events.

Not Your Grandma's Bingo

Crowdpurr BINGO is packed with fun features allowing you to create the craziest, most-advanced interactive experience for your friends, family, or co-workers. Players simply need a mobile-device to join in the fun. From their mobile-device, players scan a QR code or enter the Crowdpurr URL to join your BINGO game. Players can play live in-person, at home virtually, or combine both together for a hybrid event.

As the live host, you can choose bingo squares to call at random or choose individually. Players earn points by marking each bingo square on their bingo cards and by earning bingos.

Fire up the Rankings Leaderboard to display the top points earners and winner!

Awesome Library of Bingo Card Themes

Crowdpurr BINGO expands our amazing 100% original, weekly-updated, FREE trivia game library by adding tons of new bingo library games! Your crowd will love playing themed bingo games featuring Happy Hour Bingo, "The Office" Bingo, Disney Bingo, and more! Each player's bingo card is a unique mix of themed text, images, and fun GIFs.

Try a fun themed bingo game like Happy Hour Bingo where players must guess the cocktail that is called in each bingo square. Or try Pixar Bingo where every square is themed after your favorite Pixar movies and characters. Or a Halloween Horror Flick bingo game for your crowd come October! Just a few clicks from our library and you're up and running. No need to write any content yourself!

Our awesome content team will release new bingo card themes every week. Watch out for fun themes based on all your favorite holidays!

Build Your Own Fun Bingo Cards

Want to create your own fun bingo card for your friends, family, or co-workers? How about a bingo game where your co-workers beautiful faces are the bingo squares!? Or a bingo game with your company's products or factoids? Or create a bingo card with your favorite movies, songs, or lyrics. The sky is the limit with how fun and cool you can build your own bingo cards for your crowd.

From the Experience Dashboard, add fun text, images, and GIFs using our bingo card editor. Each participant in your bingo game will receive a random bingo card with a mix of all the bingo squares you've added.

Quiz Mode Bingo

Quiz Mode Bingo adds a fun twist to regular bingo. Instead of simply marking each called square, players see a square's hint instead.

With Quiz Mode Bingo, each bingo square allows you to add a hint, clue, or even a trivia-style question. Your participants will see the hint each time you call a bingo square. Participants must use their brain to figure out the square and mark it! The faster players earn squares and bingos, the more points they earn!

Crowdpurr BINGO experiences and earned points integrate seamlessly with Crowdpurr Trivia, Multi-Game Rankings, and the various Team Modes. Feel free to throw a bingo game round into your next trivia series using our Next Round feature.

Calling Bingo Squares

Crowdpurr's viewer control buttons show a "Call Square" button being clicked
Call BINGO squares from the Experience Dashboard

As the bingo host, you have the option to call bingo square randomly, call specific bingo squares, or run your bingo game using Fully Automatic Mode.

Fully Automatic Mode will call a new bingo square every few seconds until a player reaches a certain number of bingos earned or all the bingo squares have been called.

Scoring & Earning Bingos

As the bingo host calls bingo squares, players mark their bingo cards. Players can earn a customizable amount of points for each marked bingo square. When a player marks five squares in a row, they earn a customizable amount of points for a bingo as well. Players can also earn multiple bingos.

Crowdpurr's participant Mobile View shows a bingo card with several marked squares.
A participant's bingo card with marked squares

Each time a player earns a bingo, the host and all players will receive a notification on their device to alert them of the bingo. These bingo notifications can be disabled using the Show Bingo Notifications setting on the Experience Dashboard.

As the bingo game proceeds, the bingo host can check the Live Rankings Leaderboard to see which players have earned the most bingos and the most points. Players with the most points will rank higher on the Live Rankings Leaderboard.

Additional Customizations

Using the settings we've created, you can make Crowdpurr BINGO as easy or as challenging as you want! We've added the following settings that provide a ton of flexibility.

Column Letter Customization

Crowdpurr, by default, sets each bingo game's columns to B I N G O. Feel free to customize your bingo game with any five letters you want (e.g. W O R L D, M U S I C, M O N E Y, etc.) to add an additional layer of customization to your bingo cards.

A Crowdpurr bingo card shows squares that have emojis with a bingo card that says "E M O J I" across the top (instead of B I N G O).
Bingo card with custom column letters

Highlight Called Squares

Highlight Called Squares will automatically indicate on each player's bingo card if they have a called square they can mark. This is great if you want players to instantly know if they have the called square. For a more challenging Quiz Mode Bingo game, turn this setting off so players are forced to figure out the called square.

Next Square Alert Style

This setting determines the type of notification that is displayed for each called bingo square.

  • Display Squares Text or Image (Standard Mode) - This is mode displays the actual value of each bingo square. Choose this setting for a standard bingo game where each called square simply displays its value.
  • Display Squares Hint Only (Quiz Mode) - This is mode displays a called square's hint, clue, or question. Choose this to create a Quiz Mode bingo game where players must guess each called square based on the hint.
  • Hide Called Squares - This is mode only indicates that a bingo square was called but does not reveal a hint or value. Use this mode to play Music Bingo where the narrator is playing music either live or virtually and each player must guess the bingo square based on the music.
The Next Square alert displaying the image or text.
The Next Square alert displaying the hint.
The Next Square alert being hidden.

Hide Column Letters

Hide Column Letters will hide each called bingo square's column letter when shown on the Participant View. This is useful for themed or quiz mode bingo games where each bingo square is not simply a number (e.g. "Terminator 2", "Maryland", "Ben Franklin"). You would likely want to hide the column letter in this scenario. In traditional numerical-style bingo games where each square is only a number (e.g. "B 7", "N 24", "O 75"), you would want to disable Hide Column Letters to show the column letter with the number.

Ready to Learn More?

Check out our Help Center article Crowdpurr Bingo Explained for an in-depth explanation and tutorial of Crowdpurr BINGO.

More Features Coming Soon

We received a ton of feedback during the beta for Crowdpurr BINGO. Stay tuned for more fun features coming soon for Crowdpurr BINGO based on your feedback.  Got a great idea or feature, email us at We'd love to hear from you or learn about your use-case.

As always, if you want to be the first to know about updates, beta tests, and get all the latest updates follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn!

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