Official Facebook User Group - August 2021

August 27, 2021

Building on our new Crowdpurr Community user forum last month, we're happy to announce our new official Facebook user group and Facebook Messenger chat widget.

Official Facebook User Group

The cover page image for Crowdpurr's Official Facebook User Group
Crowdpurr's Official Facebook User Group

For those of you who like to party on Facebook, we've also launched our official Crowdpurr Facebook User Group. Our Facebook group, a supplement to Crowdpurr Community, is for all our users who enjoy conversing in Facebook's sandbox.

The discussions and topics in the Facebook group will be slightly more informal and less organized than Crowdpurr Community, however it's a great place to converse with like minded people and learn best practices in Crowdpurr.

Crowdpurr staff will also post in the Facebook group both starting topics and replying to questions asked by our users.

Website & Help Center Support Chat Updated

We've updated the embedded Crowdpurr Support chat widget to use Facebook Messenger's new chat plug-in on all web pages and our Help Center.

The new Facebook Messenger powered Custom Support chat widget.
The new Facebook Messenger-powered customer support chat widget.

Facebook's Messenger provides a robust user experience that is easier for users to interact with. Using Facebook's Messenger app, website visitors and Crowdpurr customers can return to previous chats right on their devices.

What's more, if you have a sudden question, need to report a bug or outage, or need something urgent, you simply open Facebook Messenger and continue chatting with our team right where you left off. No need to navigate out to our website or help center. Our customer support team has never been so readily accessible, at your fingertips right on your own mobile device!

Facebook Messenger also offers a variety of additional tools for Crowdpurr to help guide you to the support that you need. And don't worry, if you don't use Facebook, you can can still use the chat widget as a guest.

Bug Fixes and Minor Updates 🐞

Crowdpurr Community logo
Official Version Updates

We're always updating the app and fixing bugs. Want to read up on all the latest bug fixes and tweaks we make to the app each week? Then cruise on over to Crowdpurr Community and bookmark our Official Version Updates thread to get updates whenever we update a new version of the app.

What's Next?

As always, if you want to be the first to know about news, beta tests, and get all the latest updates follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn!

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