New Tutorials and Hacks - June 2021

June 30, 2021

It's the June 2022 Product Update. This month we're launching a new tutorial series called "Crowdpurr Hacks" that will feature the coolest tips and tricks that you probably didn't know about. We also launched our new "Learn Crowdpurr in 5 Minutes" YouTube series. Let's check it out!

New "Crowdpurr Hacks" Blog & Tutorial Series

Crowdpurr Hacks #1 - Embed YouTube Videos
Crowdpurr Hacks #1 - Embed YouTube Videos

Are you a Crowdpurr super user? Want to know about hidden tips and tricks that you probably weren't aware of? We've got you covered in our new  "power user" blog and video series today called Crowdpurr Hacks! We've assembled over twenty-five topics, generated by both Crowdpurr and some of our most inspiring users, that we'll release every two weeks in a blog series. Each blog post will discuss a topic that will help Crowdpurr users harness the power of the platform.

For example, did you know that you can embed plain old YouTube videos directly into the Mobile View? Want to add a pre-recorded intro video? How about display a video during an intermission? Or a wrap-up video once your trivia game or fundraiser ends? You can do all of these right now!

Check out our debut blog post and tutorial video Crowdpurr Hacks #1 - Embedding YouTube Intro Videos in the Mobile View.

Keep an eye on your email inbox for more Crowdpurr Hacks coming every other week!

New Learn Crowdpurr in 5 Minutes Tutorials

In addition to the above "Crowdpurr Hacks" tutorial series we are doing for power users, we've added a new set of "Learn Crowdpurr in 5 Minutes" tutorial videos that quickly get new users up and running.

So far we've added tutorials for our main four experience types: Trivia, Bingo, Polls, and Social Walls.

We'll be adding additional tutorials soon in quick and easy five minute segments on topics like Trivia Rounds & Multi-Game, Advanced Team Modes, and more!

Crowdpurr White Glove VIP Service

Are you interested in having a Crowdpurr experience completely designed, built, and run for you? Where you kick back and enjoy a 100% hands-free worry-free amazing interactive crowd experience? And have it all hosted by award-winning live talent either virtually or in-person? Then Crowdpurr's new White Glove VIP Service is for you.

There's no match for a professional live host, who not only entertains but are experts using the Crowdpurr platform. To learn more about Crowdpurr White Glove service, send an email to and we'll schedule a call to discuss your event!

What's Next?

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