Predictive Trivia, Tournaments, & Question Notes - August 2020

August 28, 2020

As always, our foot is planted firmly on the gas here at Crowdpurr! Our August product update is packed so tight with cool new features that it barely fits into a single month! We're bringing you amazing new features like Predictive Trivia, Fully Reactive Scoring, an all new Next Round feature, and Questions Notes!

New Predictive Trivia Format

Predictive Mode Trivia is here! The idea behind Predictive Trivia is that the correct answer to the question will not be known until after the answers are cast. The host would then set the correct answer and points are awarded. This opens up the flood gates on several new kinds of trivia formats that will raise the bar on your interactive virtual events.  Check out the following Predictive Trivia Format examples:

Majority Rules Format

A Majority Rules trivia game is where you ask questions like:

What is the best soda of all time?

The logo for Crowdpurr Majority Rules Format Trivia
Majority Rules Format Trivia

And the correct answer is whichever answer option received the most votes! Hence Majority Rules. So whoever correctly guessed the highest voted answer wins points. But watch out, because your vote also influences the highest voted answer!

To create a Majority Rules trivia game, simply add your questions, then mark all of the answer options as incorrect. Then once all the votes are received for a question, mark the highest voted answer as correct. And watch the points and rankings update in real-time! You can update correct answers at any time and the points and rankings will always update!

Real-Time Live Sports Trivia

For live sports games, you can create real-time play-along trivia games where your players must guess the next baseball play, which team scores next, or who wins the game.  For example, you could ask questions like:

Will the next player strike out, single, double, triple, or hit a home run?
The logo for Crowdpurr Follow Along Live Sports Trivia
Play-Along Live Sports Trivia

Players cast their answer before the next event occurs in the game. Then after the play, the host sets the correct answer which awards correct players their points and updates the rankings. This is great for sports fans and/or virtual game-watching parties.

Virtual Streaming & Live Event Contests

Spice up your virtual or live event by doing fun competitions where your players bet on the winner and earn points and rankings for correct predictions! For example:

Who's going to win our virtual event's live pie-eating contest!? Cast your prediction now!
The logo for Crowdpurr Live Contest Trivia Mode
Players Predict Live Contest Winners

Then when the contest concludes, you mark the winner in Crowdpurr which updates all players scores and rankings based on their answer predictions before the contest!

New Fully Reactive Scoring

Predictive Trivia is possible because we've upgraded Crowdpurr's Experience Dashboard to make trivia scoring fully reactive to all updates performed by the host. So you can now change the correct answer for a given trivia question and it will update all player answers, scores, and rankings in real-time! And whenever you like! You can updates correct answers before the question, during the question, after the question... it doesn't matter.

One of the benefits of this update is if you've ever ran a trivia question with the wrong "correct answer" set. You no longer have to delete the question and player votes to correct the mistake. Simply update the correct answer(s) and the scores and rankings will update correctly in real-time! Crowdpurr always stores the correct points an answer would have received had it been correct so player answers can be retroactively corrected accurately.

Poll questions can now be added to a Trivia Game!

With Fully Reactive Scoring, you can now do the following in a trivia game:

  • Add more than one correct answer to a Multiple-Choice Question!
  • Delete a single answer to remove its votes and update the scores and rankings.
  • Update a text-answer question's correct answers and/or player answers at any time to make scoring corrections.
  • Add zero correct answers to effectively add Poll Questions to a trivia game - just make sure Lose Points for Wrong Answers is disabled. The question is now effectively a Poll Question!
  • You guessed it... create Predictive Trivia style games where a question is started with no correct answers set and then the host sets the correct answer after the vote.
An animated GIF of Nick Jonas acting like his mind is blown.
Nick Jonas is seriously impressed by Fully Reactive Scoring

Rest assured, we took our time to test this update extensively since it has to do with scoring, rankings, etc. Fully Reactive Scoring combined with the ability to manually edit rankings will give you all the scoring flexibility you need!

Experience Warp is now "Next Round"

We completely redesigned the Experience Warp tool and renamed it to Next Round! We've moved it to the upper right-hand corner of the Experience Dashboard to make it easily and quickly accessible.

The new update allows you to save which trivia game you want to assign as the next round. No more fumbling around when it's time to go to the Next Round! When you're ready to go to the next round, simply click the Go To Next Round button.

That's not all though, we've added the following new features:

Tournament Mode

A tournament bracket is shown on a white background
Set up complex tournament advancement brackets including loser brackets

You can now create bracket style tournaments in Crowdpurr! The new Next Round feature allows you to set how many of the top rankings players you want to advance to the next round! You can set it to the Top 10, Top 100, or whatever you like.

You can also choose which type of ranked players - Individual Players, Advanced Teams, Multi-Game Players, etc. For Survivor Mode games you can choose to advance only the survivors! You can also mix and match trivia modes.

Additionally, after moving the Top Ranked players to the next round, you can return and send the remaining players to a "loser bracket" game if you wish!

Set the Next Round to an External Website

Users on the Classroom Plan or higher can also set the next round to be an External URL. This allows you to move participants to various external websites, "grand prize winner" custom landing pages (or "ultimate loser" pages 😛), etc. when they've completed your Crowdpurr experience.

This is a great option for fundraisers who can move participants to a "Donate Now" landing page. Or for virtual events that want to move participants to a different website on their mobile devices after using Crowdpurr.

Automatic Next Round

When you setup Next Round for a Fully Automatic Mode trivia game, players will go to the next round automatically once the trivia game finishes. No need to click any buttons! So you can now create Super Fully Automatic trivia games that jump to different trivia rounds automatically.

If your trivia game is in Fully Automatic Mode with looping enabled or a Crowd Controlled Mode trivia game, your players will automatically go to the next round once they've answered all the questions!

With the new Next Round feature, you can create entirely automatic multi-round trivia experiences that when finished, send players to an external website or landing page. Pretty cool!

To learn even more about Next Round, check out our Help Center article Next Round Explained.

Question Notes

A rich-text Question Note is displayed  on the Crowdpurr Mobile View
A rich-text Question Note is displayed on the Participant View

Have you ever wanted to share additional information about a trivia question to help explain the question or correct answer?  Have you ever wanted to back up a tricky question's correct answer with some hard facts!?  Well now you can!

It's called Question Notes.  You can now add rich-text, hyperlinks, and images to questions. You can show Question Notes at any time on both the Presentation View and Participant View. We've added an all-new button on the Experience Dashboard that allows you to trigger Question Notes before or after a question is displayed.

Our awesome new rich-text editor allows adding H1, H2, H3-style headers of various sizes, paragraphs, text alignment, hyperlinks, bullet lists, images, and more! We'll also be updating our 100% free weekly-updated trivia database questions with Question Note content as well!

You can use the new Question Notes feature to:

  • Add supplementary educational material that further explains the concept of the question or answer
  • Additional facts to back up up a tricky correct answer that the audience may challenge you on!
  • Additional fun content like funny images or text that enhances the question or its answers
  • Add private notes just for the host - Question Notes don't have to be displayed
  • Show Question Notes automatically after a question when using Fully Automatic Mode
  • Add "content cards" that share any information you want to your crowd to know such as when the next trivia game will be, what the prize is, or any additional information you want to share!

To learn even more about Question Notes, check out our Help Center article Question Notes Explained.

Points and Question Time Added to Question Importing

Remember last month when we added Per-Question Question Timers? Well we've updated our Import Questions spreadsheet-template to support importing of both per-question points and question timers! This is minor workflow enhancement that will save you time and energy when creating a varied time and points trivia game.

Design Updates

We've updated the Experience Dashboard and Presentation View to now show all available Viewer Controls options. So functional buttons no longer hide and re-appear. It's now easy to see all of the available features.

A GIF of the viewer control buttons animating up and down from Crowdpurr's Experience Dashboard
Updated Viewer Control Toggles

Additionally, we updated the design of the Viewer Controls buttons on the Experience Dashboard to look more like switches so its easier to understand they are toggles that can be switched on and off.

Bug Fixes

Lastly, we'll end on a few bugs that were squashed in August including:

🐞 Players Getting "Kicked Out" Early on Participant View

We fixed an issue where deleting a question on the Experience Dashboard caused players to "finish" their trivia game one question early for each deleted question. This no longer happens. Additionally, hosts should no longer need to remove questions to correct issues where the wrong "correct answer" was set. With Reactive Scoring the host simply needs to add/update the correct answer.

🐞 Earned Points Display Early on Participant View

We fixed an issue on the Participant View where points earned for a correct answer were displayed in the upper-left corner before the host triggered Show Correct Answer or Show Player Rankings. The points display now waits for these views to be triggered to not clue the player in early if they answered correctly or not.

🐞 Per Question Timers Issue

Fixed an issue where if the global Question Time was updated in the middle of a question with Per-Question Time set, it could cause issues of unpredictable question times for future questions.

Upcoming New Features

In the last few months, we announced several new features. We’re still working on Experience Scheduling that allows "set and forget it" start times for trivia games is also coming soon!

And just like this month, we have some amazing new major features simmering on the back burner. One of those will be ready for launch later this month in September. We’ll meet you back here then!

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