Add a Fun Cheap Trivia Night to Your Bar

June 14, 2023

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We get it; owning a bar is like conducting an orchestra of smooth jazz, craft beers, and conversations. And to bring the perfect symphony to life, one must never run out of fresh tunes. No, we're not suggesting you hire a DJ. Instead, the melody we're humming to is a good old trivia night. The best part? It's cheap, exciting, and your maestro for the night is Crowdpurr. Your cloud-based trivia platform.

The Magic Potion: Trivia Nights and Bars

The spirit of trivia nights and bars share a relationship like Tom and Jerry, Sherlock and Watson, or tequila and regret. They're inseparable pairs that lead to memorable nights, lifelong stories, and occasionally, killer hangovers.

A group of people drinking beer watch a trivia host as they play trivia.
Patrons at bar get ready to play Crowdpurr trivia on their phone.

Just imagine your customers' joy when they discover that the answer to "What's the capital of Bhutan?" has finally come in handy (it's Thimphu, by the way). Trivia nights invite camaraderie, a healthy dose of competition, and give your customers a reason to prefer your bar over the one across the street that’s offering the same $5 beer special. 

Introducing Crowdpurr

Now, you might be wondering, "How can I conduct a trivia night? Should I hire a trivia master or create my own trivia questions?" The answer to all of that is a simple, loud, and resonating "Nope!" Meet Crowdpurr, an audience engagement platform that's about to become your trivia night's MVP.

Crowdpurr simplifies the process of setting up and conducting trivia nights. It delivers brand-new weekly trivia games, provides a simple web-app for your customers to play, processes all the correct and incorrect answers, and mashes it all together on the real-time leaderboard. Just think of it as your virtual game show host.

Why Crowdpurr Is Your New Best Friend

Let's delve deeper into why Crowdpurr is the secret sauce to a successful trivia night:

  1. No Special Equipment Required: Crowdpurr works with your existing technology. You'll need a computer to host the trivia game and an optional TV screen to display the questions and leaderboard. Your customers can join the game using their smartphones—no app download required. It’s as simple as scan, click, and play. They can also see the questions and leaderboard on their devices.
  2. Easy Setup: Choose from Crowdpurr's huge 1500+ game trivia library that pushes out new 100% original trivia games each week on trending topics. Or create custom trivia games with your choice of questions. Setting up your game is as simple as setting up a Facebook event.
  3. Real-Time Leaderboard: With Crowdpurr, you can display a real-time leaderboard that updates after every question, upping the excitement level of your game. Now that's a nail-biter! You’ll be amazed how much your customers will enjoy the big win at the final rankings reveal!
  4. Customizable & Brand-able: You can customize your trivia night to match your bar's logo or branding. Want a 90's pop culture trivia night? Done. A Game of Thrones night? You got it. The world—or rather the trivia—is your oyster.
A player's reaction upon answering an obscure Taylor Swift question correctly. Via GIPHY

Incorporating Crowdpurr Into Your Bar's Strategy

So, you're sold on the idea of trivia nights with Crowdpurr. But how do you turn it into a strategy that will bring in more customers? Here are a few tips:

  1. Promote Your Trivia Nights: Create a buzz around your trivia nights. Use social media, flyers, your website, and word-of-mouth to get the message out there.
  2. Offer Incentives: Encourage competition by offering incentives to the winners. This could be anything from a round of free drinks to a discount on their bill.
  3. Consistency is Key: Make trivia nights a regular event at your bar. This will create a loyal customer base that will look forward to your trivia nights.
  4. Take Feedback: After each trivia night, ask for feedback from your customers. This will help you make the next trivia night even better.
A group of smiling friends sit at a table at a bar drinking beer.
Happy customers at your bar showing up every Trivia Night!

Final Thoughts: Trivia Nights with Crowdpurr

In the world of cocktails and peanuts, a fun trivia night can be the twist that keeps your customers coming back for more. With Crowdpurr, hosting trivia nights becomes as easy as pouring a pint. It's engaging, it's affordable, and it brings a whole lot of fun to the table.

Remember, the objective is not only to keep your cash register ringing but also to create an experience that customers can't resist. Now go on and add that trivia flavor to your bar and watch as it transforms into the neighborhood's favorite hangout spot.

We'll drink to that. Cheers to fun, cheap trivia nights, and more customers in your bar with Crowdpurr! 

Get Started with Crowdpurr Trivia

What are you waiting for, get started with this five-minute tutorial on how to use Crowdpurr.

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