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Real-Time Mobile-Driven Interactive Experiences For Your Live Events

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App:  Underwater Adventure
Crowd members choose characters and race as a team in an underwater fully-3D world.

This is How It Works

These are the core proprietary components of the Crowdpurr experience.

The #purr Framework


We've developed our in-house, grid-enabled #purr software framework that allows thousands of crowd members to interact, play games, and upload data, all in a completely ad hoc, app-less, highly optimized system. The #purr framework works over wifi and cellular so the system can be deployed on street corners, stadiums, or in the middle of the desert using a local intranet.

Killer Apps


We've created a suite of customizable mass-player interactive applications that not only blow the minds of crowd members but also deliver an immersive "branded entertainment" experience. Applications range from real-time character-driven games to mass instantaneous voting/polls to crowd-driven graffiti walls, even deciding which song the band on stage plays next.

App-less Game Controls


All crowd members access Crowdpurr experiences on their smartphones through ultra lightweight mobile-web interfaces. We've designed an in-house set of nimble web-based controller widgets that are cross-OS and lightning quick. There's no app to download, no app store hoops to jump through, and no user login necessary. No waiting, no downloading, no logging in... just walk up and #purr.

One-of-a-kind Live Events


Whether it's ten people on a street corner or ten thousand people in a stadium, our system can be deployed onto electronic billboards, projection-mapped onto buildings, or displayed on stadium jumbo-trons. We plan, manage, secure, and execute all the details of your live event. Our interactive elements also integrate into larger systems and large-scale events.

The #purr effect & brand exposure


Not only is your brand message delivered to participating crowd members, we embed easy-to-use social media triggers so both active and passive crowd members can tweet your unique one-of-a-kind event, check in on Facebook and adding a LIKE, or upload a YouTube video with your branded live experience. Your experience is seen by the people actually at the event and also by untold thousands, potentially millions, online.

Analytics Reporting


Our last step is tracking all crowd member actions, decisions, product preferences, and choices. These crowd insights are stored in our data warehouse and are used later for post-event analysis and report generation. Know the insights from a crowd of thousands.


We combine our core software components to design a unique, memorable live-event experience that has your brand at its core.

This is Our Process

We know how to brainstorm with your brand creatives, design an incredible experience, and execute it with passion and excellence.


Our Strategy

We meet with your brand creatives to brainstorm how our game components can be used for your upcoming live event. Our goal is to create a fresh, fun experience with your brand deeply integrated at the core.


Our Strategy

Next we create a development schedule leading up to your live event. This includes custom software development, integration into our framework, and the planning of every detail of your event experience.


Our Strategy

Once your schedule and plan is approved, we get to work fusing our core components with custom software and breath-taking front-end design utilizing your brand's properties, logos, and identity.


Our Strategy

We take testing seriously, period. It's essential that on the day of your live event, everything simply works. We've developed extensive testing methodologies to make sure your app has been fully vetted and is ready to deploy.


Our Strategy

We manage every detail of your experience and have live-event industry partners to help fully stage and execute your event. We also play well with others and can fit your experience into larger-format events and festivals.


Our Strategy

During the planning phase we define the types of crowd member insights that can be gleaned from your experience. During the event we capture and deliver that to you through custom reports and/or our online analytics database.


Our voting and feedback applications allow crowds to instantly vote and share their voice at live events, all without downloading an app.


Crowd members interact with your experience through customized, lightweight, cross-platform web applications. No login, no app-store, no app downloads.

What We're About

Crowdpurr is an advertising-technology and design studio specializing in cutting-edge mass-interactive experiences for live events.

     We create the most amazing, interactive experiences that immerse crowds at live events into a client's brand and identity. At a time when traditional advertising methods are growing more and more obselete, Crowdpurr allows companies to advertise and reach out to their audience through fun and innovative experiences at their live events or in public spaces. We support a variety of events including corporate specialty events, product launches, premieres, sporting events, concerts, music festivals, theme park installations, walk-up interactive advertising, and movie theaters, among many other places.

     Today's consumers carry a portable interactive device with them everywhere they go... a smart-phone. Why should digital signage, concert backdrops, scoreboards, and movie theater advertisements remain static when they can incorporate their audience in real-time? By using their mobile phone, crowd members can engage and interact with their friends through your brand.

     We've developed our own in-house proprietary software framework and a set of cross-platform mobile interfaces to support our live applications. Our framework supports a diverse set of interactive experiences from real-time voting, feedback, and trivia games, to fully 3D character-driven games, to social media and photo sharing applications, to donation applications that help charities raise more money at their fundraisers.

     We're a new breed of creative, interactive vendor with a massive vision for the future of live event entertainment. Take your event to the next level and create an experience no one has ever seen.

Ross M. Newton

Ross M. Newton

Founder, Chief Technologist

     Ross M. Newton is Crowdpurr's Founder and Chief Technologist. Ross has an extensive, diverse background in 3D graphics, Internet-based software, and tech-project leadership. His experience ranges from acting as Lead Visual Effects Artist creating high-end visual effects for major-studio feature films like The Green Lantern and The Amazing Spiderman, to serving as Lead Software Engineer developing some of the earliest, classified web-based portal software for the US Department of Defense using the J2EE framework, to designing high-end interactive, 3D touch-screen applications for Fortune 500 clients.

Crowdpurr calls on a diverse and talented team of game designers, software programmers, producers, and live event specialists to bring your experience to fruition.


App:  Offroad Racing Challenge
We use our real-time 3D graphics engine and our gyro-enabled mobile web-app to allow multiple crowd members to race each other through an exciting track by tilting their phones.

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Crowd members instantly vote on their favorite things just by using their phone's web browser. Downtown Santa Monica, California.

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles

1140 N. Clark Street Suite 415
West Hollywood, CA 90069

EMAIL: hello@crowdpurr.com

PHONE: 310.902.2618

West Hollywood     Our office is right above the starry lights of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. With West Hollywood's ultra-vibrant culture and plethora of live music venues, nightlife, restaurants, and entertainment options, Crowdpurr has its thumb firmly on the pulse of Los Angeles' creative zeitgeist. Whether we're producing an event for a film premiere, a product launch, a live show, or convention, we have one of the largest pools of creatives at our fingertips. From visual effects artists to programmers to producers, we leverage the appropriate team for the project at hand and have fun doing it.

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